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Position: Regional Account Manager in Natural Food Industry

Company Background: Little Duck Organics is a growing kid brand that is dedicated to providing innovative, delicious, and healthy snacks. We are a group of strong-willed, passionate idealists who love to work hard, have fun, and help kids eat better.

Location: Newburyport, MA

Position Description

  • Manage North East and North Atlantic accounts on a day-to-day basis - phone calls, store visits, employee trainings, and demos.
  • Grow customer base in the region - independents AND chains in the natural and traditional grocery channels.
  • Maintain product integrity – ensure product is positioned well, store tags are in place, re-ordering is seamless.
  • Build relationships – it’s very important to keep Little Duck top of mind in the stores by building relationships with clerks, stockers, buyers, managers & customers. We want you to be our eyes & ears...The wind beneath our wings.

Ideal Candidates Should Possess The Following Fine Qualities

  • Organization: It’s not easy to manage hundreds of accounts effectively and organization is integral to success.
  • Acceptance of Chaos: Start ups are not for everyone so it’s very important candidates are comfortable in a dynamic, crazy environment. Translation: We need you to be a hustler.
  • Action-Oriented: It is essential that candidates have the ability to plan and execute a self-created set of tasks. You will not be micro-managed at LDO but you will be expected to achieve remarkable feats. Juggling? Yes. Handstands? Yes. Fire Breathing? Maybe.

Educational and Work Experience:

  • Educational Background: You have to be exceedingly smart. Whatever means it took you to get to that point is your business.
  • Experience in the food industry is ideal, but a sales background works as well.

Compensation: More than peanuts, Less than wagyu beef. You get the picture... E-mail or Call Us. {phonehand}


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