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Position: Office Manager (OM) in Vibrant Organic Kid / Baby Food Company

Company Background: Little Duck Organics is a growing kid brand that is dedicated to providing innovative, delicious, and healthy snacks. We are a group of strong-willed, passionate idealists who love to work hard, have fun, and help kids eat better.

Location: Newburyport, MA

Position Description: Full time Administrative Assistant / Keeper of Chaos that can oversee and manage the wacky environment that is Little Duck Organics.

The Duties, Responsibilities, and Proverbial "Hats" of the OM:

  • Captain of Coordination:Meetings, conferences, mail, fax, email, records, travel schedule, mailing, filing, memos, dolphin shows
  • Leader of Logistics:Packaging, FedEx/UPS, outgoing/incoming shipments, supply chain support, pigeon carrier
  • Prince/Princess of Payables and Receivables:Invoicing, simple book-keeping, financial statements AKA The Muscle
  • Maestro of Management: Office upkeep, supplies, inventory, office keys, telephone, company cards, expense reports

Ideal Candidates Should Possess The Following Fine Qualities

  • Internet Savvy: We’re not lookin’ for Bill Gates here but you need to be comfortable with computers and amenable to learn new software
  • A Mastery of Prose: Excellent writing, analytical and problem solving skills are a must. Problems will undoubtedly arise and being able to handle them calmly and effectively will serve you well.
  • Self Motivated: We are in the business of selling great food for babies and kids, not micro-managing. While indelibly supportive, we need someone that can set goals and achieve them. Booya.

Educational and Work Experience:

  • Educational Background: You have to be exceedingly smart. Whatever means it took you to get to that point is your business.
  • Experience in the food industry is ideal, but an operations/management background works as well.

Compensation: More than peanuts, Less than wagyu beef. You get the picture... E-mail or Call Us. {phonehand}


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