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Shortly after our first daughter Taylee was born, my wife and I started buying puffs and freeze dried fruit for her to snack on. We used to always talk about the lack of selection in the baby aisle. Every store we went to had the same products by the same brand. After looking at the nutritional information, we found that many products were full of sugar and artificial flavors. We both thought that there had to be a better way. In July of 2008, our second daughter Ella was born. Soon after, we found ourselves back in the baby aisle looking at the same products that we did when were were buying snacks for our daughter Taylee. During the winter of 2008, I started brainstorming ideas and researching what it would take to bring a product to market. My ultimate goal was to create all natural snacks that parents could feel good about giving to their children.

Fast-forward to February 2009. Little Duck Organics was born. The brand would specialize in organic, great tasting snacks for infants and toddlers. The months that followed were full of packaging design, negotiations with manufacturers, and product testing. In May of 2009 we recieved our first pre-production shipment of snacks. We immediately shipped samples out to friends and family and a select group of bloggers. The feedback we have been getting has been extremely positive. We are now preparing to ship product out to retail stores. Shipments will be going out during the last week of June. Please let us know if you are interested in free product samples or learning more about selling our products. We are always available to answer questions or help in any way we can.


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  • Little Duck Organics is
    committed to providing infants
    and toddlers with delicious all
    natural snacks. We are proud
    to say that all of our products
    are USDA Certified Organic.