Just like beaches and vacations make summer, there are some things that fall wouldn’t be the same without! Here’s a list of activities you absolutely must do with your family this fall season.

  1. Pumpkin Picking – Pumpkins are everywhere this time of year! But there’s just something special about going to a farm and picking out your very own pumpkin. Whether you and your kids are going to make jack-o-lanterns or pumpkin pies, pumpkin picking is a must this fall.
  2. Corn Mazes – Corn mazes are only around one time of year, and now’s the time to go and find one! Whether you’re looking for a fun, cheerful maze or you and your kids want to try a scary one, there’s plenty of mazes to choose from. Plus many also sell pumpkins, so you can check two things off of your fall activity list at the same time!
  3. Fall Foliage – All the trees are changing colors – make sure you and your kids don’t miss them! Take a walk in the park to enjoy all of the leaves. You can pick up a few to use in arts and crafts, or you and your child can take a picture of a tree every day to see how it changes. Fall is the perfect time to get your kids interested in nature!
  4. Apple Cider Festivals – Sometimes we’re so saturated with pumpkin we forget about the other flavor of fall – apple cider! Take a moment to enjoy some apple cider doughnuts or spiced apple cider with your kids. Many places have apple cider festivals, but you can always create your own by experimenting with some apple cider recipes!