Hot sand can be a beach. Use these quick and easy beach hacks to make your day in the sun even more relaxing!

Flip-flop the flip-flops!

When you leave your flip-flops at the beach to go swimming, turn them face down to avoid uncomfortably hot feet when it’s time to put the shoes back on. Simple, yet ingenious!

Excuse Me While I Powder Myself.

Your time on the sand was fun, but you’d really rather leave the sand on the beach then carry it with you everywhere. All that sand that clings to your skin can be annoying and irritating! Use baby powder to get rid of the sand that just won’t let go.

Say No To Poison.

Forgot your bug repellent? Good! Did you know the best alternative to horrible smelling and poisonous insect repellent can be baby oil? It will keep your skin moisturized, too! Just another reason to always keep baby oil on hand.