“Listen Up, Kids” - The Dustin Bryson Edition

Dustin Bryson is the dad to Micah (4) & Eliana (1) and the Marketing Director of Solsun. The three things he can’t live without as a dad? His Honda Odyssey {it’s not the swagger wagon, it’s the even swaggier wagon}, Bikes {he has some of his best times racing his kids and his Wii - {specifically Wipeout. He says,”there is just something about that game”}.

Tell us about your company in 2 sentences or less: Soulsun is a cause driven optics company. We are in the business of helping people look good while doing good.

What is your family’s biggest guilty food pleasure? Pizza - its just soooo gooooood.

If you could launch back in time to the days of feety pajamas and robot night lights, which vintage flick would you pop in to your VCR for the ultimate 80’s experience? Karate Kid for sure. Movie night HERE WE COME!

What is the best piece of Daddy Advice you’ve dished to your kiddo(s)? Love your neighbor as much as you love yourself.

Finish this sentence: “In case I’m senile, please remind me…” to pull up my pants.

Last but not least… we have to ask: Between Michael Keaton {Batman} or Val Kilmer {Batman Forever}… which actor would you rather see in a comeback role as the Penguin? Well, Val is already shaped like the Penguin but I would rather see Keaton in the roll. My only requirement would be that he would have to rock the mullet.

Learn more about Dustin here: Facebook / Twitter / DustyShotMe / Soulsun / Soulsun Facebook / Soulsun Twitter / LemiShine

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Step away. From the corn. #FNO (Taken with Instagram)

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“The Mathematics of Mothering a 10-Month-Old”

Wendy Atterberry got really real on matters of parenthood, Jeopardy and the perfectly timed nap:

The Mathematics of Mothering a 10-Month-Old

It’s 6:40 right now and I would love nothing more than a half hour of peace and quiet to drink my coffee, check my email, and look at pictures of old high school friends’ babies on Facebook. But if I let Jackson sleep past 7, I probably won’t be able to get him down for his morning nap by 9, and if I don’t get him down by 9, he probably won’t nap at all before his babysitter comes at 10. If he doesn’t nap this morning, he will fall asleep on his babysitter’s watch, probably around 12:30, right before she brings him back home from story time at the library…

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Zombies Never Say “YOLO”

Reason for our company-wide “No Added Zombies” policy, No. 45.

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