Behind the Scenes: Photos, Kiddos, Pies + Watermelons

What does the word “picnic” mean to you? Well, here at Little Duck… a good ‘ol fashion “picnic” means the white + red checkered table cloth, the kiddos log-rolling in to masses of green grass at the park, the watermelons, the sprinklers, the pies, and all fore mentioned foods on the kyoot faces of the fore mentioned kiddos. Then, we take pictures.

Why pies on the faces of kiddos, you ask? And why would we take pictures of it?

That’s a silly question. The notion of “pie on the kiddo face” has been a pleasantry in time since the era of our forefathers for all kinds of entertainment. But, yesterday we took pictures of it as a sign of our dedication to summer fun for our new, shiny, upcoming, totally rad + kewl magazine debuting this fall. It’ll be for kids, their parents, and general humans to enjoy - chock-filled with recipes, interviews with ultra-kewl people and lots, lots more.

You can check out the rest of the behind the scene shots here on our Facebook page.

Special super-duper big time head nods to Daily Pie for the beautifully delicious pies :D