This 9 Year Old is Cooler Than…All of Us

We know some really cool kids. Yes, we’re bragging about it. Who wouldn’t? And this gal, Sam Gordon, is like, really, really cool. And, we kinda wish we knew her. She kills it in the kiddo football world and we’re excited to see her make major moves as she grows up. She takes hits just like the rest, has moves like Jager and has a ridiculously good attitude. Recipe for success, guys. And, here she is showing football big wigs what’s up.

Mind you, this was written by me, Gillian, LDO’s Director of Communications, who li-tra-ly does not talk about football. Like, EVER. Because I just don’t get it. So, what I’m getting at is this is more of a “girl power” post than a “football post.” #okayImdone

GIF via Buzz Feed.