April Fools, LDO-Style

If you know anyone on our team, you know we kind of really, really know how to have a good time. :D So, obviously, when we were kids, we were pranksters. I asked some of our LDO-ers what tricks we had up our sleeves during past April Fools and/or what pranks were pulled on them and here’s what I got:

Zach D., VP of Sales: “Every April 1st growing up, I would be peacefully sleeping and my brother would tip toe into my room, observe the tranquility before him, and chuck a huge fist full of flour at my face. Upon waking up with half the ingredients of a boys scout bake sale on my face, he would proudly proclaim “YOU JUST GOT ANTIQUED SON!!” I always really love that…

(Note: This is NOT Zach D. It was between this or a picture of Kim K. getting antiqued on the Red Carpet.)

Charlee, Regional Sales: “One time I was on a cruise ship during April Fools with my entire family and my cousin had fallen asleep in our very dark cabin (no windows). My other cousin and I threw our life jackets on and soaked our hair and clothes and ran into the room screaming that the boat was sinking while flashing the lights on and off. It was pretty fun. We were 10.

Gillian, Director of Communications (me): I loved shaving cream pranks. Literally shaving cream everywhere. The toilet seat and slippers were my two favorite spots to put shaving cream. It amazes me that I thought that I was actually tricking my family… like, I thought they couldn’t actually see the shaving cream in these places?

Hehe. Hopefully you got a little bit of a chuckle out of these pranks. And maybe some ideas for next year?!

And, Happy Birthday to Kristy our Controller! We don’t think it was a prank that you were born. We’re really glad that it wasn’t. Because we need you. :)