Awesome Things: The Honest Toddler

New. Favorite. Website. Alert: The Honest Toddler — kid knows what’s up. This tiny human writes about the insanity that is toddlerhood. “The Super Nanny”, “The 7 Stages of Night Grief, Games”, “The Toddler Schedule”, “The Woman” {an endearing pet name for “mom”}, Instagram and more…

Here’s The Honest Toddler’s take on fruit… With the exception of a couple of other reasons, THIS is why we do what we do, folks.

Fruit tastes good and is good for you. My favorite fruits are apples, bananas, red popsicles, blueberries, and pudding. Toddlers, eat your fruit but don’t compromise your values.

This post isn’t for children people who can guess the obvious. It’s for parents who struggle with knowing which fruits are appropriate for eating and which ones should go into the trash.

Before you hand someone you love a piece of fruit, inspect it. Ask yourself:

1) Does it look like it was grown in an enchanted orchard or under a freeway?

2) Does this fruit look like it has come into direct contact with a rare strain of jungle bacteria causing discoloration or unexplained spots/bumps?

3) Is this fruit small enough to be held comfortable in a toddler-sized hand or it is 1 million pounds?

4) Is this fruit wet?

Once fruit has passed its initial inspection, please move on to the next set criteria.

Stalk our new favorite tiny human here: The Honest Toddler / Twitter / Facebook

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#LDOLinkLove: Back To School Is {Almost} Upon Us

Some helpful links to gear up for back to school…

Start thinking about your shopping list, early: Protractor? Check. 96 Crayola Crayons? Check. Trapper Keeper? Double check. {BuzzFeed}

Make sure you spell better than these “Back to School Fails” {Huffington Post}

Bulk up your recess shopping list with POGS and nothing else. {BuzzFeed}

Beware of angry bus drivers

And if all else fails… color until you can’t color no mo’

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Through a lot of soul searching, an in-depth discussion regarding Middle Eastern philosophy, a few too many references Nick Cannon’s hit movie Drumline {…where’s the sequel, Mrs. Mariah Carey?} - and a couple of Banh Mi sandwiches with extra Sriracha, we leave you with this to carry you in to the weekend…

Happy Friday!

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#LDOLinkLove: The Tetris Documentary, Outlet Faces + The Year of the Robot.

Looking for a way to repurpose your old Xbox 360? You could put a bird on it, Portlandia style… or put some fish in it, aquarium style. {Treehugger}

Because wall outlets should have fun, too. {1designperday}

The Tetris Documentary is upon us, kids. {USA Today POP CANDY}

A Dutch design firm creates the kewlest sustainable ice cream cart, yet. {Treehugger}

FINALLY. All of your favorite robot related things in one place, brought to you by Year of the Robot {swiss-miss}

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