#LDOLinkLove: Back To School Is {Almost} Upon Us

Some helpful links to gear up for back to school…

Start thinking about your shopping list, early: Protractor? Check. 96 Crayola Crayons? Check. Trapper Keeper? Double check. {BuzzFeed}

Make sure you spell better than these “Back to School Fails” {Huffington Post}

Bulk up your recess shopping list with POGS and nothing else. {BuzzFeed}

Beware of angry bus drivers

And if all else fails… color until you can’t color no mo’

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Through a lot of soul searching, an in-depth discussion regarding Middle Eastern philosophy, a few too many references Nick Cannon’s hit movie Drumline {…where’s the sequel, Mrs. Mariah Carey?} - and a couple of Banh Mi sandwiches with extra Sriracha, we leave you with this to carry you in to the weekend…

Happy Friday!

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#LDOLinkLove: The Tetris Documentary, Outlet Faces + The Year of the Robot.

Looking for a way to repurpose your old Xbox 360? You could put a bird on it, Portlandia style… or put some fish in it, aquarium style. {Treehugger}

Because wall outlets should have fun, too. {1designperday}

The Tetris Documentary is upon us, kids. {USA Today POP CANDY}

A Dutch design firm creates the kewlest sustainable ice cream cart, yet. {Treehugger}

FINALLY. All of your favorite robot related things in one place, brought to you by Year of the Robot {swiss-miss}

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#LDOLinkLove: Big City Fun and Godzilla at the Drive-In

Whether you’re looking for family-friendly fun i or just livin’ life like it’s goin’ out of style, these sites will give you the WHO.WHAT.WHERE deets for the coolest things to read, eat and visit in your city…

New York: The L Magazine’s free, glossy mag (found all over the city in bright orange boxes - you can’t miss ‘em) is a fraction of the plethora of really awesome events, reads (their “Ask a Cabbie” series is second to none) and eats for Brooklyn based folks and beyond.

Chicago: Although Flavorpill.com has local sites for many US towns, their Chicago edition takes the Windy City’s scene by storm, clueing residents in to indie films, family fun and more. Triple Crown Yo-Yo, anyone?

San Francisco: Cool stuff is worth investing in, but cheap stuff is awesome too, right? Right. SF.FunCheap.com channels the nerdy, artsy, music-y, food-y crowd with events that won’t cost a ton of moola — Exhibit A: Drive-In Movie: Godzilla vs. The Thing….. with free popcorn.

Austin: With all those days in a year (365 to be exact), it’s our duty to fill each and every moment with something awesome to do. 365ThingsAustin.com categorizes all of their options to make your life easier when looking for dog or family friendly fun - or your typical Tuesday evening meal in a trailer.

Los Angeles: There’s a lot to do in LA, but LACanvas.com curates a calendar of the REAL good stuff. Underground concerts you won’t find on Ticketmaster, retro typewriter flea-market finds, etc. Plus, there’s a humongous calendar of events to keep you entertained in every party of the sprawling city of angels.

Boston: Oooook, so maybe this one was too easy. Boston.com as their name implies, is the master of all things to do in Beantown. Who knew you can spend a day in Boston with breakfast at a kids-eat-free restaurant, spending the afternoon learning how to weld a robot and chow on some monster meatball ruckus for dinner? Boston really knows how to party.

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