“Listen Up Kids” :: The Lou Goldhaber Edition

HQ’ed in Chicago and married to his college sweetheart {swoooon}, Lou Goldhaber is a super, duper coolio new father to his 10 week old son Ray and the Co-Founder of SunnyBump, one of the hottest product discovery sites for new parents.

Tell us about your job in 2 sentences or less:
I have the privilege of being the Co-Founder of one the hottest product discovery websites for new and expecting parents called SunnyBump. Everyday I get to hang out with really smart people (much younger than me) and talk about babies, baby products, and how we can help make the lives of parents just a tad bit easier.

What is your family’s biggest guilty food pleasure?
This is a tough one. My family couldn’t have more opposite food tastes if we tried. My wife loves all things healthy. She loves kale, spinach, tofu, goo! I love all things trans fat. And my son loves all things milk. He is only 10 weeks old so his sample size is small. But, if I had to choose something, it would have to be candy. Absolutely candy. I love candy like it’s going out of style. Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, Good & Plenty, Mike & Ike, JuJuBees, Hot Tomales. This post is making me crave…be back…have to run to CVS.

If you could launch back in time to the days of footed pajamas and robot night lights, which vintage flick would you pop in to your VCR for the ultimate 80’s experience?
Wow. What a question. But I love it! I am a huge movie buff and really love a lot of the movies from the 80’s. First off, I still own a pair of footed pajamas, and my son has a robot night light in his nursery. Am I dis-qualified? If I had to pick one…and I stress one…’cause I could have picked like 50 movies here that would have sufficed, it would have to be Coming To America. This movie is a classic that will be funny for the next 50 years. “I am looking for my son Akeem”. HA HA…gets me every time.

What is the best piece of Daddy Advice anyone has given you?
Never throw out any breast milk. EVER! I recently just wrote my own blog about this called The Market For Milk. I discovered the incredible and functional value of this amazing bodily fluid. I mean this stuff shouldn’t be called breast milk. It should be called Magic Milk. I have heard from others the wide range of things breast milk can be used for. Curing baby cuts, healing blocked tear ducts, getting a scratch out of your car, and sealing a hole in your tire. Ok those last two were made up, but it is amazing the long list of things this milk can be used for. This reminds me of great movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding where they used “Windex” for anything. Maybe Magic Milk really can do it all.

Finish this sentence: “In case I’m senile, please remind me…”
In case I’m senile, please remind me whether the snaps go in the front or back of this baby outfit.

Last but not least…we have to ask: Between Miley Cyrus or Justin Timberlake. Which musician would you rather go see in concert as a chaperone?
First off, the idea of being a chaperone really makes me feel old. But, if I had to choose one it would have to be JT. No question. This wouldn’t even feel like chaperoning as I would probably go see him myself without any kids. That fella is a renaissance man. Acting, singing, dancing, Jessica Biel, Jay-Z…this guy has it all. I know it probably sounds like a man crush, but I would be thrilled to go chaperone at this concert for sure.

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