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Family Friday and Multi Packs!

Smile and Say “Cheese!”

Hey super fruit enthusiasts! We’ve decided to start “Family Fridays” where we will post adorable photos of your ducklings. We love seeing the photos of you and your family enjoying our snacks. It brightens our day and keeps us motivated to give you the healthiest and tastiest snack possible. Thanks guys!

Oh My Multi Packs!

On another great note, The Little Duck team has been working on multipacks that let you and your ducklings able to buy a variety of Fruit, Veggie, Gummy, or Oat packs with a single click or grab at the store. You’ll now get to try some of our newer snacks while still keeping it old school with the snacks you and your duckling already know you like. You should be able to start buying these packs in the oncoming weeks, so keep your eye out for them next time you’re at the store.

Gentle Farm

Lastly, this Sunday, we are proud to announce that Little Duck is the spotlight sponsor of the week at Gentle Farm. Gentle Farm is a charity based in California that rescues abused animals and rehabilitates them by inviting at-risk children out every weekend to come play with them. You can learn more about this great charity and where the exact address of the barn here: http://www.gentlebarn.org/gentle52/ . The barn encourages everyone to go and they will be giving out sample packs of Tiny Gummies during snack time! We hope everyone has a great time at the farm.

Shout-outs for Family Friday!

Too cute! We are so happy Zoe loved her tiny yogurts @soadchik.

Eva’s ducklings look like they really enjoyed our snacks. She even wrote a review about it on her blog too. Check it out! http://smartmommyhealthybaby.com/2015/07/product-review-little-duck-organics/

So awesome! @chelseamiran ‘s duckling just found a new favorite snack.

That's all for now. Remember to tag / mention us in your photos & videos using @LittleDuckOrg on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! Thanks y'all :)