“Yo, Dad” — The Steven Bristol Edition

Like Knight Rider, the A-Team and Batman? Then you’ll be intrigued by this week’s featured Dad…

Steven Bristol is the daddy to 3 kiddos - Abigail (11), Amelia (10) and Zoltan (5) - and Co-Founder of Less Accounting. The three things he can’t live without as a Dad? A clock/calendar (he says his kiddos flourish in a neatly routined schedule), his kids’ smiles, laughter, hugs & kisses (he gushes that they’re the “best stuff on earth”) and when his kids make him laugh.

Tell us a little about your company in 2 sentences or less… LessAccounting is a web based accounting application for small business owners.

What is your biggest guilty food pleasure? Every once in a while I pack the kids in the car and drive to Whole Foods and let them each pick out one dessert. It takes them forever to decide, which is half the fun for me.

If you could launch back in time to the days of feety pajamas and robot night lights, which vintage flick would you pop in to your VCR for the ultimate 80’s experience? I didn’t get to see many movies in the 80s, but old reruns of Knight Rider or the A-Team really do it for me.

What is the best piece of Daddy Advice you’ve dished to your kiddo? Happiness is a choice. At any moment you can decide to be happy. It’s that easy. You can put a smile on your face and just be happy. Don’t let your happiness be dependent on anything outside yourself.

Finish this sentence: “In case I’m senile, please remind me…” ...where you hid the remote control.

Last but not least… we have to ask: Danny Devito in Batman Returns, or Danny Devito in “It’s Always Sunny…”? I watched Batman Returns with my 5 year old, when it came on TV a few months ago. I told him if he didn’t stop sucking his fingers he’d get teeth like the Penguin. (The dentist wants him to stop sucking them.)

Find out more about Steven here: Less Accounting / Twitter