Who. What Where: Happy Ice Cream Sandwich Day

LDO HQ is a beautiful spot. We have a great view of Manhattan, folks like Rick Ross and Demi Moore are filming pretty fantastic pieces of artistically shot film right within our building and… we’re right down the street from a little shop called Peter Pan.

Known, to the locals, as a donut “institution” it’s a darn great place to find a sweet treat in Brooklyn So, when we wanted to celebrate Ice Cream Sandwich Day… there was no other place to celebrate, after word on the street hinted at their donut/ice cream sandwich collab-o. We have yet to dare to eat this insane sugarbomb, but it sounds like it’ll be a good time. Yes? No? Gross? Are you drooling yet?

Read here for more ways the ‘hood is deciding to celebrate Ice Cream Sandwich Day. {Gothamist} // Photo Credit {Sarah Sterns}