“Yo, Dad” - The Tim Cheadle Edition

Tim Cheadle is the dad to 1 kiddo - Henry (almost 2) and founder of Rational Means. The 3 things he can’t live without as a Dad? His iPhone to take the ever elusive in-focus picture of Henry, a good mattress, and groggy morning hugs.

Tell us about your company in 2 sentences or less: Rational Means is a web development company that builds beautiful products for clients and customers. I also founded Charlotte Hackers & Founders, a grassroots community for local tech startup entrepreneurs.

What is your family’s biggest guilty food pleasure? Chocolate croissants from Sunflour Baking Company, almost every weekend. They’re made from scratch and totally irresistible.

If you could launch back in time to the days of feety pajamas and robot night lights, which vintage flick would you pop in to your VCR for the ultimate 80’s experience? Big Trouble in Little China. Any time a trucker gets stuck in SF and winds up saving a girl from evil Chinese sorcerers, I’m grabbing the popcorn. Unless it’s Christmas, then we’re watching A Christmas Story.

What is the best piece of Daddy Advice you’ve dished to your kiddo? The best thing I could ever teach my son is that his life is important and that he can and should pursue his own values, regardless of what others might think.

Finish this sentence: “In case I’m senile, please remind me…” that the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in my lifetime.

Last but not least… we have to ask: Sci-Fi Kevin Costner in Waterworld, or Home-town Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams? I’m a huge baseball fan, so I’d have to go with Field of Dreams. Also, I tend to avoid movies that involve drinking your own urine after the apocalypse.

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