Expo East Recap #2

In addition to skeeball awesomeness last week at Expo East, we were also finally able to show off the newest member of the Little Duck family, Mighty Oats. It’s an organic, no-sugar added, ancient grain-based kids cereal. Favorite thing about Mighty Oats? Its packaging offers zero waste to the consumer. Like, you can plant the outer casing and grow veggies. And, the single serve cups it comes in {each package comes with 3 cups} are compostable and break down in 6 months. Yeah…it’s that eco.

We weren’t the only folks who were excited about it…we were finalists for best packaging at Expo East. {Virtual fist pump.}

We’ll yell it from the {social media} rooftops when you can find it on shelves but right now we’re looking at December.