Our Summer {Recap-ed} :: Part I

Whew. It’s been a really wild + crazy summer. But, we have a feeling ever since we moved shop to Brooklyn this past April, things are going to kinda, like, be like this foreva. Which is so. okay.

It’s so okay because we have met some amazing pals and have great neighbors in Brooklyn. There is one hell of a foodie :: hip parenting :: super rad kiddo :: small biz community in Brooklyn and #ifyoudidn’tknownowyouknow. So, what I’m saying is…we’re really glad to be here.

Here’s a taste of where we mingled the past few months / how much fun we’ve been having:

01 - Premiered our {super fun} event series, Brooklyn Batched, in June

02 - Shmoozed at Fancy Foods in DC

06 - First Photoshoot in BK. Thanks to Willy B Mum + Jessica Motherburg for introducing us to coolest parents this side of the east river

06.5 - Conquered the Indo Board

08 - Pop Up Slam and had mah-jor fun with the most adventurous kids in town

09 - Unleashed our inner Picasso’s at the Groundswell Mural Painting
10 - Volunteered with OSA for McCarren Park Pool Opening

We just know it. You are sitting on the edge of your seat to find out what happens next! Muuuaaahhhaaaha. {evil laugh} Stay tuned, ya heard?