So Here’s The Scoop… Tiny Fruits Got a Makeover

Hi guyz. So a bunch of you are super cool and you’ve noticed our stylin’ new Tiny Fruits packaging poppin’ up in grocery stores and probably stopping you in your tracks like J. Biebs at a HS football game. No? That hasn’t happened? Well, wait for it. It must not be in your local store yet…

Anyway, what we really wanted to point out was that something (besides a new look, feel and copy) has changed on our Tiny Fruits that some of our fans have had questions about. We introduced our new “stage” icons and adjusted the age for tiny humans to start enjoying Tiny Fruits. While it really comes down to personal preference, we were noticing that some didn’t feel entirely comfortable with our starting age of 6 months. So, we changed the starting age to 1 year+ to stay on the safer side.

But. Most importantly: We believe that ANYtime you are feeding your kid ANYthing new, you should always try it first, gauge your comfort and if you feel good, go on, feed that little human!

A bit curious about our levels? 1) We’d be too. 2) Our new ancient grain-based baby cereal, Mighty Oats, which will be hitting shelves soon, will be a Level 1 product. That means it’s for kiddos 4 months+. And, if our fortune cookie from last week is in anyway accurate (it read: “Your future is bright.”) then, you may see more levels popping up in due time. :D

Remember… Tiny Fruits are made for tiny humans but enjoyed by ALL. (Mom and Dad, this means you.)

Remember, remember … Nothing but the packaging has changed for our Tiny Fruits. They’re still ALL fruit, NO zombies. Woooooooot Wooot!