We Are Serious About Organic Baby Snacks

Studies have shown that the pesticides in conventionally grown foods like fruits and vegetables can have a detrimental effect on the health of infants and toddlers*. In addition, chemically altered ingredients and artificial preservatives are also found in some foods that are marketed to young children.

We don't feel comfortable giving feeding these types of foods to our children, and we would never produce the products from Little Duck Organics in this way.

It is for this reason that all of our products go through the rigorous testing process set forth by the USDA and QAI for organic certification. This qualification ensures that your child is getting only the highest quality products grown the way that nature intended them to be.



National Research Council (1993). Pesticides in the Diets of Infants and Children (1st ed.). National Academies Press
Environmental Working Group (EWG) (1995). Pesticides in baby food

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