Our Mission

At Little Duck Organics, we are committed to making clean, healthy foods for the whole family. We create snacks packed with vitamins and nutrients that are delicious and fun to eat. Making simple, healthy snacks is a big job for Little Duck!

The Little Duck Story

Little Duck Organics began with a simple goal: to give our own kids a clean, healthy alternative to typical snack food. We started with some classics, fruits and veggies, and well, our search ended pretty quickly. We found that freeze-drying 100% organic super-foods like bananas, goji and pomegranate created a fun snack that was really healthy. As it turns out, freeze-drying locks in all of the vitamins and nutrients in fruits and veggies. Mission accomplished!

Our kids loved the Tiny Fruits and soon their friends did, too. It wasn’t long before everyone we knew--kids and adults--wanted our snacks. We realized we were on to something much bigger than Tiny Fruits...our delicious and healthy snacks needed to be shared with the whole world!

Just like that, Little Duck Organics was born. Over the years, our product line has expanded from Tiny Fruits to a whole bunch of other tasty snacks, like Tiny Gummies and Tiny Yogurts. Even as we’ve grown, our mission hasn’t changed. All of our products are USDA Certified Organic, Project Non-GMO Verified, gluten free and kosher because real, clean ingredients matter. Little Duck Organics is still committed to making simple, healthy snacks for everyone, big and small.

We hope you enjoy Little Duck Organics as much as we do. Happy snacking!

Contact Us!

Please email hello@littleduckorganics.com with questions, comments or just to say hello!