• Zak@Littleduckorganics.comFOUNDER / CEO

    Zak is LDO’s fearless leader. He rules with an iron fist and furrowed brow. Actually, that’s pretty inaccurate. He shows up to work wearing skinny jeans & flips (that’s the cool way to say flip-flops, by the way), loves to surf, and meet new people. Always a hustler, Zak runs on very little sleep and very many café Americanos, much to the chagrin of his colleagues and general practitioner. One day, he hopes to break bread with Aziz Ansari, Alain de Botton, and the entire cast of The Fall – all at the same time.

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    Dave's passion is to partner with talented entrepreneurs to launch + grow world changing businesses. Ambitious? Youbetcha. With over 20 years of venture investing & company building experience, he has helped start over 100 companies ranging from Sustainable Fuels to Rooftop Greenhouses. Many of these companies have gone on to become leaders in their respective markets...selling to companies like Cisco, IBM & Merck. When Dave's not working alongside some of the smartest entrepreneurial teams in the world, he enjoys spending time with his kids, kayaking & creating art on the North Shore of Boston.

  • Zach@Littleduckorganics.comVP OF SALES

    Earlier this morning, Zach was riding a Peruvian alpaca while gathering strawberries for our Tiny Fruits. Last week? He was fishing off the coast of Ireland while sharing a bowl of Mighty Oats with the locals. Our grand purveyor of baby food, Zach enjoys sharing LDO products with fine people all over the world. And if you want to make Zach happy? Take him out for sea bass cooked en papillote. Or let him sing sweet ballads to you while he plays the piano. And yeah, that’s Blue Steel. Also known as Zach’s “everyday face.”

  • Jenna@Littleduckorganics.comMARKETING DIRECTOR

    Once upon a time in a far away land there is a world where people are neighborly and insert smiley emoticons far too often :D Jenna works to make this dream world our reality, helping Little Duck partner with-like minded organizations, and pounding the pavement to meet every parent in town. Her days are spent brainstorming creative ways give out oodles of high fives to Tiny Humans, supporting local start up culture, planning events, and photographing everything in sight always. Outside of work, this 'lil yoga fanatic slash photographer slash bookworm is cookin' up veggies, hangin' with her pup Jack, drinkin' tea, catchin' waves, and jammin' to the latest and greatest on Spotify.

  • Gillian@Littleduckorganics.comDIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS

    For someone who hangs out in the aisles of Whole Foods for fun {no, really}, Little Duck Organics and Gillian were a perfect match. When she isn't killing her personal time wandering through health food stores, she is usually found with a piece of technology in hand {preferably an iPhone or iPad} or analog communication devices such as pen and paper, writing, tweeting, posting, snapping pics, pinning all things LDO. Besides stopping parents in the subway, on street corners and in museums to make sure they've tried TinyFruits, she also enjoys reading Nora Ephron books, eating more kale than most have in a lifetime and getting lost on her vintage Schwinn {complete with a wicker basket if you must know}.

  • Charlee@Littleduckorganics.comNORTHEAST REGIONAL ACCOUNT MANAGER

    Not to brag or anything, but if Little Duck had a "Biggest Fan" award, it would go to Charlee. She loves Little Duck so much that she decided to have her own Tiny Human just to feed Tiny Fruits to (and even nicknamed him Pineapple). So when she's not home snuggling with Pineapple, you can usually find her hanging out in the baby aisle of your local grocery store making sure Little Duck is the coolest lookin' snack on the shelf and bonding with the staff: they're totally on a first name basis.

  • Vince@Littleduckorganics.comPRODUCTION MANAGER

    If you dressed up Kenny Powers of Eastbound and Down like a kid from Art School Confidential and restaged a few Myrtle Beach brawls on the set of How it's Made, you'll have a good idea of what it's like to be Vince. He may look like a Brooklyn-based hipster, but at heart Vince Gaulin is a Southern boy with deep roots in Upstate South Carolina. His downhome penchant for manners and simple food comes in handy as he cases the country for the best quality ingredients, most innovative packaging and simplest processes for delivering the tastiest, high nutrient snacks to LDO fans worldwide. Beyond LDO, Vince loves reading the classics, visiting with NYC's world class art museums, performing "freedom dance" (his original workout method) and producing his own art events.

  • Carolina@Littleduckorganics.comOPERATIONS MANAGER

    When she’s not jammin’ out to her hip hop jamz (actually, usually while she is jammin’ to these tunes), Carolina is hustling product from our warehouse to customers across the map. She also plays a huge role in managing all of the steps that we have to take to get Tiny Fruits from trees to little hands (and, there are a lot of steps…). After a long day of handling all things logistics at LDO, she relaxes with a good book (Food Rules is a fave) and indulges in some good chocolate. Yum.



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