Forget Hansel + Gretel. This house is SO our jam.

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Our Summer {Recap-ed} :: Part II

The fun continues. I know…the fun really never ends.

11 - Got our wellness on with the cool cats at Camp Butterbeans

12 - LDO Photo Shoots <3 - Pie Picnic and Lemonade Stand Awesomesauce. Thanks to Nathan Bolster of Bolster Photo, Daly Pie, Cup and Compass Limeade and Angela from DumbMom for inspiration

13 - Played on the beach with Surfer’s Way in Long Beach

14 - Made new besties with Town Square - our first party was an {awesome} Toy Story 3 summer screening.

15 - Hosted Brooklyn Batched 2 - Thanks to Design Trust for Public Space and From the Source for helping us throw the par-tay.

16 - Volunteered at LAMP Gala in Dumbo

17 - Taste Williamsburg - {was made so much more fun because of our new BFFs Edible Brooklyn}

19 - Conquered Expo East - ‘nuff said.

20 - Met new pals CAMBA {Not-for-profit organization provides employment, education, health, legal, social, business development, and youth services in Brooklyn. Hookin’ up the food pantry with Tiny Fruits for little brooklyn kiddos.}

22 - Town Square Schoolfest

23 - Town Square Pumpkin Day
Okay… time for a nap after this cray cray summer… zzzZZzzzZzz

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Okay, guys…raise your hand if at one point in your past you have torn a “Got Milk?” ad out of a magazine…

This one’s our favorite. #hansonbros4life

Which “Got Milk?” ad was your fave? More here: http://bit.ly/Vjtzx2

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