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Your shoutouts to us!

Hey super humans! We're re-launching our blog by highlighting all the wonderful shoutouts we've received in the past few weeks. There's no better way for us to start the day than by seeing YOUR tiny humans enjoying OUR mighty snacks! Duck in for topic-related updates about Little Duck Organics, healthy food news, or even some helpful tips to keep you and your little duck happy and healthy.

Here are some of our shoutouts! Please continue sharing your photos with us. We love to see mommy and baby enjoying our snacks together. Drop us a mention using @LittleDuckOrg on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. You could be on here too!

Check out this video shoutout from Jennifer Oakes (@oakprincess)!

How adorable is this picture of @uptownwithellybrown's little ducklings? We're so happy to see them enjoying their fruits and veggies!

How much fun does this guy look like he's having? Tiny Fruits at the beach? Yes, please! Thanks @Toddlercamp.

That's all for now. Remember to tag / mention us in your photos & videos using @LittleDuckOrg on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook! Thanks y'all :)